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Defensive Security Podcast Episode 8


Burger King & Jeep twitter accounts hacked

Microsoft and Apple hacked with same exploit that hit Facebook

NBC.com’s site is hacked, injecting an iframe directing visitors to a site that served an exploit kit and installed the Citadel trojan. Continue reading Defensive Security Podcast Episode 8

Defensive Security Podcast Episode 6

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  • ISD Podcast shuts down
  • Noticeable uptick in phishing attacks recently, leading to various exploit kit web sites
  • Yet another Java update.  Oracle seems to have gotten the message.
  • Combofix, a free tool for removing certain kinds of malware, was infected with Sality
    • Do not download repackaged software from other file hosting sites.  Bad!
  • Cisco released it’s 2013 security report.
    • Legitimate sites much more likely to be malicious than traditional pornography
    • Ad networks and content delivery networks worst offenders
  • Anonymous stole information on 4600 bank executives from a Federal Reserve emergency communication application.