Defensive Security Podcast Episode 24

Kaspersky study indicates 200,000 malware variants are released daily, the Carberp trojan’s source code is leaked and an 0day is discovered, FINRA reports on prolific cyber attacks against its members, the FT is attacked by the Syrian Electronic Army and gives a play by play on what happened, Kaspersky reports an 87% increase in phishing attacks, Google reports that compromised legitimate sites are more dangerous than malicious sites, Sophos says 30,000 SMB sites are hacked per day to spread malware, the age old debate about administrator rights, password complexity, and the unintended consequences of leaks: foreign companies defect to more hospitable countries, renewed focus on systems administrators, and we can stop pretending to not know where Stuxnet came from.

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Phishing attack on FT:

Impact from PRISM to US tech companies:

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