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Defensive Security Podcast Episode 15

This week: Twitter account hacks highlight opportunity for exploitation by attackers, Microsoft and Malwarebytes both release bad patches, Oracle releases a Java patch which fixes 42 security bugs, Oracle announces that Java 8 is delayed due to the focus on Java 7, a new botnet is being created by compromising WordPress installations for some unknown purpose, Linode was compromised in an attack targeted at some Linode customers, Microsoft finds a trojan that cleans up after itself in the next wave of anti-forensics, the Boston marathon bombing and West, Texas explosions see many phishing scams leading to malware installations, spam is down, targeted attacks via email are up, Microsoft released it’s second half 2012 Security Intelligence Report with some odd mixes of data, Microsoft releases EMET 4.0 beta, and a former employee has been charged with planting back doors on 2723 Hostgator servers.

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60 minutes, 48 hours, NPR, BBC twitter accounts recently hacked.

MS and Malwarebytes released bad updates






Boston bombing used to spread malware in multiple ways


SIR: http://download.microsoft.com/download/E/0/F/E0F59BE7-E553-4888-9220-1C79CBD14B4F/Microsoft_Security_Intelligence_Report_Volume_14_Key_Findings_Summary_English.pdf