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Defensive Security Podcast Episode 161

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Defensive Security Podcast Episode 140

Defensive Security Podcast Episode 134

Defensive Security Podcast Episode 96

Defensive Security Podcast Episode 87

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Defensive Security Podcast Episode 78

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[1] Researchers to demonstrate attacks by reprogramming firmware of commodity USB devices
[2] Survey find that enterprises are not paying attention to 3rd party risks, despite recent headlines
[3] Ransomware attack failed thanks to security awareness training
[4] Stubhub defrauded out of $1.6M using stolen passwords of its users
[5] Maricopa County fires IT manager in the wake of a data breach that the IT manager apparently warned the school about
[6] Why PCI can’t stop RAM scraping malware
[7] Plans for Israel’s Iron Dome apparently stolen by Chinese hackers


No Podcast This Week

It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform our tens of listeners that unseen forces in the universe have prevented a podcast recording this week. My Scarlett 2i2 tragically died of as-yet unknown causes Tuesday evening. Subsequently, Amazon and the USPS collaborated to ensure the replacement unit, with a guaranteed delivery date of  today, would not be here until Friday or Saturday.  Amazon appears ready to refund the cost of the free second day shipping I incurred as a result of this travesty of logistics.

Until next week my friends…

New logo!

The Defensive Security Podcast marketing department has been griping for a while about the terrible logo that Jerry made almost 2 year ago during a fit of Everclear-fueled “creativity”.

“We can’t file an for an IPO without a decent logo!”


So, we approached the most prestigious ad agency we could find – Weiden + Kennedy – of Old Spice fame – to help develop an image befitting the institution that the Defensive Security Podcast has become. After it became apparent that the ad firm wasn’t going to return our calls, we decided to take another approach and put the logo out for bid on

There were a lot of… interesting…. designs – clearly from people who had not heard the podcast before. And also a lot of really good ones too. The selection process was arduous. Marketing wanted one design, HR wanted another, finance wouldn’t stop complaining about the cost and the sales department was too busy playing golf to participate. We asked for feedback from our twitter followers. In the ensuing chaos, Andy and I picked our favorite. And so, here is our new logo:


Defensive Security Podcast Episode 57

Security recommendations from Bob; rides out a DDOS attack rather than pay a ransom; How to test the security savvy of your employees; Why companies need to think about this insider threat; 6 lessons learned from advanced attacks; How IT can establish better cloud control; Council on Cyber Security releases version 5 of critical security controls.

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