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Defensive Security Podcast Episode 12

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Etsy’s solution for running java:!++Stealthy+Malware+Persistence+-+Part+3/15448

The Usefulness of Security Education

The Importance of Reinstalling After a Virus or Malware Infection

In episode 11, I made some comments about wiping a compromised system rather than trying to clean it. I saw in my twitter feed a bit ago that the 2013 Shmoocon videos were posted. I looked through and one talk stuck out and I wanted to share here, given my comments: Wipe The Drive – Techniques for malware persistence..

Basically, the presenters show why it’s such a bad idea to simply clean a computer after a virus infection. I like to think this is common knowledge, but I meet people daily who so not understand the reasons behind taking this draconian approach.